Emphasizing Good Form

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Today’s Skill
Wall Ball

Today’s Workout
3 rounds, for time:
20m Broad Jumps
10 Wall Ball
20m Broad Jumps
10 Push Ups
20m Broad Jumps
10 Sit Ups

Today’s Game
Tug of WarFor CrossFit Kids LA it is not about lifting heavy weights or pushing children to the extreme, it is about building a base of skills – from strength and flexibility to coordination and cardio endurance. At the base of all these skills is good form. Teaching children proper movement patterns early on in life will pay off in terms of staying healthy and uninjured in sports and also increased performance in whatever activities they take on. Learning how to move and control their own body will help them in sports, martial arts, dance and just daily life in general.

Beanie demonstrates excellent form on her bench dips.



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