10k ain’t so bad

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We had about 70 people out on Saturday to run 10k… MANY for the first time ever. Many of our CrossFitters were dreading it, but as it turned out, everyone finished and it “wasn’t so bad!” Check the chart below – it’s got your time listed, and if it’s blank by your name, you need to get your make-up done (this week if possible). Anyone that didn’t get signed up, and isn’t on this list, you may register any time – just let us know.

And on another note… many of you haven’t noticed this so, I’m going to point it out – we take a DAILY PHOTO of the whiteboard in the gym and post it here. See the button – just to the right of this text – called “Daily Whiteboard” – in red? So if you forget to write down or take a picture of your workout – there is a record of exactly what you’ve done!

Ingrid shows a variation on the standard push-up

Today’s Workout

“Monday SmackDown!”

  • Within the first two minutes of class, one person will choose a workout from the CFLA SmackDown Deck.
  • NO card is a “safe”… whatever you choose, we guarantee a SmackDown! Good Luck!
  • BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Down” Workouts



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