14.5 in the Books: WE DID IT!

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A) 3 RFQ
300m Run
10 Flutter Kicks (4-ct)
10 Thrusters (45/33)

B) In 20 minutes, complete
3×3 FS (+2 / +5)
3×8 C2B Chin-up (weighted or assisted)

C) EMOM 7:
1 DL every minute. Work up to 92%+


Da Miny Hoppa

The objective this year for the Open was simple – have fun. Week after week our team captains Ross, Courtney, Patty, Cerussi and co-captains Maggie, Andy D, SWong and Cannon led us all down that path wonderfully. I’ll be honest – this has been my favorite Open yet. It’s not just that we identified four things that are important – Participation, Philanthropy, Spirit, and Performance and deliver on each. It’s how we deliver the essence of these qualities. All of this came to a beautiful head Saturday at Trojan Crossfit in downtown LA. Effectively, we went downtown as a loving, silly, butt kicking, loving, encouraging, $3K donating TEAM. Congrats to all that competed in the Open – we did it, and man did we do it well…

Below is a video from Ross that captures Zach’s phenomenal effort and our beautiful TEAM. It literally chokes me up because I can feel the things that matter to me when I think of CFLA: That we are involved, that we do care deeply about each other, that we do give to others, that we are generous… One thing we don’t see is that as soon as Zach gets some air he stands back up and says, “Thank you CFLA.”



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