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Kenny sat down with Coach Jamie several days ago to interview him about his history in the sport of triathlon. At the end, they spoke briefly about the Tri Club Town Hall Meeting that’s coming up on Wednesday, July 15. After watching the video, I got into a conversation with Jamie and grilled him about the Tri Club and the meeting. Here’s what he shared.

When did you start the Tri Club at CFLA?
2013. This will be our third addition.

What types of changes has the program gone through since its inception?
It’s become more robust. This year we’re implementing five pool swims with video feedback, and more race/training clinics, including but not limited to transition, open water swimming, equipment choices, etc.

Is Tri Club open to everyone?
It’s open to CFLA members and any friends or family that wish to join.

Will past past participants benefit from joining again?
Most definitely. As with all of our workouts in class, there will be workouts that will focus on Competition, Practice, and Mental Toughness mindsets.

Does this mean you will use context in Tri Club sessions just like we do here in class?
Yes, if I don’t get sued for copyright infringement.

Is this something new for the Tri Club?
Yes. Well, I always used context, but never with the specific labels we use in class. When training for a particular sport, context is always vitally important.

What if someone’s never done a triathlon before? Can they join the Tri Club?
That person is a perfect candidate for this club, as last year 95% of the participants were first-time triathletes. First-timers will be in good company again this year.

What if someone’s done many triathlons before?
The program will still be challenging and scalable. Along with the in-person training, there will be a written training program supplement that will optimize anybody’s training or racing goals.

So is it fair to say that this club is not just for beginner triathletes?
Yes. Didn’t I just kind of say that?

How fit does someone need be to join Tri Club?
If someone is currently at any level in class, they have the advantage of starting triathlon with more readiness than the general public would, and at the town hall meeting we’ll be talking about achieving a balance between taking class and going to Tri Club, and making it all work.

So you encourage participants to continue to take class while they are part of Tri Club?
I can attest from my own training, that taking class along with my triathlon training has given me more fitness than I could have obtained just with triathlon training. Adding strength, power, agility, and mobility work has enhanced my swim, bike, and run significantly, so much so that I have reduced my swim, bike, and run training volume considerably. The things we do in class are now a key component in my overall training plan.

Will the Tri Club participate in a triathlon together?
There is a goal event (Playa Del Rey Triathlon) at the end of the training program that is optional. However, most participants choose to compete at the event. There are two distances available: the standard distance and the sprint distance, the specifics of which I will explain at the Town Hall Meeting.

What other information will you provide at the Town Hall Meeting?
I will review the training dates, locations, and times, show videos, and share a slideshow from last year’s event, featuring the CFLA Tri Club athletes.

Is there anything you else you can add or share right now?
I really want to see Chip do his first triathlon this year, not just the relay.

Okay, we’ll see about that Mr. Silber! And hope to see you all at the meeting!

Thursday’s Workout

A) 4 RFT
10 Strict chin ups
20 Plate Russian twists (45/25)
30 Air squats
–1min Rest between rounds–

B) FQL, working up across sets
7 sets
100m Sprint + 2 Overhead squats

And Coming Friday

A) Pushup Play Date
Focus on external rotation

DB Renegade rows (35/20)
*2 Burpee broad jumps

C) FQL, working up across sets
5 Squat cleans + 1 Press




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