200 Year-Old News

200 Year-Old News

Today’s Workout

Speed Sit Ups – :15, :30, :45, :60, :60, :45, :30, :15
– alternate intervals with partner
3 rounds for max reps:
1 min Push Press (135/85)
1 min Push UpsAre we destined to be fat? Biologically wired to be hopelessly addicted to carbohydrates and sugar? If this “News” from almost 200 years ago is correct, this is obviously something we know, and one could argue, hopelessly unable to do anything about. Post your thoughts in comments.

“Now, an antifat diet is based on the commonest and most active cause of obesity, since, as it has already been clearly shown, it is only because of grains and starches that fatty congestion can occur, as much in a man as in the animals; this effect . . . plays a large part in the commerce of fattened beasts for our markets, and it can be deduced, as an exact consequence, that a more or less rigid abstinence from everything that is starchy or floury will lead to a lessening of weight.”

–Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, from “Preventative or Curative Treatment of Obesity” (published in 1825)

Enjoying being done!



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