2012 Whole Life Challenge – Final Results

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Today’s Workout
Three Hill Repeat Intervals
– Franklin Hill – Up & Over… and back.
– Start each interval 12 minutes after the start of the previous.
click here for a link to a map of the route.Two years ago, when we first conceptualized of the Whole Life Challenge, we never dreamed it would turn into what it is today… a huge force to be reckoned with in the area of personal health and fitness transformation. It’s nothing short of amazing what a group of committed people can do when they support one another in moving forward in the same direction, no matter how challenging. Our group of committed people (all 335 of you) started eight “short” weeks ago… embarking on a transformational journey that would confound, challenge, call to question, reward, confront, inform, stretch every participant individually. In spite of bumps in the road, most of you stayed the course, and we ended up with a spectacular final event on Saturday.

As I was looking over the results, I was curious about our group’s averages, how we did collectively. So in addition to listing the winners below, I’m including some stats that I thought were interesting, and evidence of the effectiveness of our entire crew.

First Place Overall – Chris Carlson. Chris had a final workout score of 399 – 22 rounds + 3 burpees. That’s an increase of 178 reps from his baselineI He maintained a PERFECT accountability score over 8 weeks and lost a total of 9 inches off his circumferential measurements! Chris was also the winner of our “Spirit of the Challenge” award for his participation with others in the community, and in the forums.

Josh Amberson took the first place prize for top workout improvement with an improvement of 143 reps! His improvement was actually second to Chris’, but since Chris had already won the top prize, the winner of this prize goes to the next highest place.

Paula Ruiz took first place in body circumferential measurement improvement with a total improvement of 11.25 inches lost!

Averages for our entire crew:
– Average Workout Improvement – 42 reps (2 rounds + 6 burpees)
– Average Accountability Score – 241 points (4.3 points per day)
– Average Body Improvement – 2.43% (for a circumferential baseline measurement of 150 inches, the average person would have lost 3.7 inches!)

For the complete scoreboard, navigate to http://crossfitla.wholelifechallenge.com/, log in, and click on the tab on the far right, “Final Results”.

Congratulations to everyone that participated… in the Whole Life Challenge, EVERYONE that enters comes out a winner!

WLC Pre-Lim-35
Chris Carlson, Whole Life Challenge 2012 winner



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