30 for 30 for Zach

We have a lot of amazing members here at CFLA. One of them — who we all know and love — just celebrated a milestone birthday. Zach Goren turned 30 last month. Today, incidentally, is also his six year anniversary at CFLA.

We’re planning an event to celebrate Zach’s birthday the only way he knows how — or would want to: by working out.

At CFLA starting early on the morning of June 27, Zach will take on 30 workouts, one workout on the hour for every hour for 30 hours. He will finish the afternoon of June 28. This is his idea of good ol’ birthday fun. In all seriousness, this 30 for 30 marathon is a rite of passage; a gateway from what he’s been through to yet another level of his life. We couldn’t be more proud of his personal evolution from a reserved, tough-as-nails competitor to a well-rounded, kind, supportive, intelligent, generous, still tough-as-hell man.

You are invited to workout with him. Certainly not for 30 hours because that’s reserved solely as Zach’s personal journey. But he would absolutely love support. You are invited to do 1-6 workouts with him. He’ll need the most support during the late-night and dawn hours — the betwitching hours, if you will. And the last two workouts at noon and 1pm on June 28 are open unlimitedly to members, friends, and family as he will need us to get him through the home stretch. If you don’t want to do any of the workouts — totally ok! — your presence and loud cheering will be appreciated, too. We will celebrate with a BBQ afterwards.

A sign-up sheet will soon be posted if you feel moved to participate in a workout or two. Be on the lookout for that. Shoot Niki an email with any questions at niki@crossfitla.com.

Amazing, right? We’d expect nothing less from an amazing guy.

Tuesday’s Workout
Practice: Recovery

A) For quality load, working up across sets
5-5-5-5-5 Presses

B) EMOM 20 at ≤70 RPE
1st min: 6-12 Alt Pistols
2nd min: 10-20 Hollow rocks
3rd min: 3-5 Squat cleans (40%)
4th min: 10-20 Arch rocks
5th min: 6-12 Strict pullups
–30sec Cap each round–

And Coming Wednesday

1000m Row
50 KBS (24/16)
30 Sit to stands


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