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Just because the Whole Life Challenge is over, doesn’t mean you have to stop making conscious eating choices. On the contrary, the WLC is designed to create sustainable habits that you can maintain after the Challenge ends. Sometimes, that’s not always easy, but we have some great options right inside our own gym to help with that!

Power Supply
Power Supply is our new meal service that provides great food, prepared fresh by local chefs and delivered weekly to the gym. The meals are made with antibiotic and hormone-free meats, cage-free poultry and eggs, fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and healthy fats. Everything is local and organic where possible and always fresh. There’s no gluten, dairy, un-natural sugar, artificial flavors, or ingredients you can‘t pronounce. Scot from Power Supply did a tasting here about 3 weekends ago during CFLA Open Game Days, and the food was delicious! Order here, and use the code CFLA.

Fundamental LA
Fundamental LA is a restaurant, owned by CFLA’s own Woogene, that offers seasonal Californian food. One thing they are known for is their lunch, which consists of the freshest sandwiches and salads, in a comfortable counter-service atmosphere. The CFLA staff made a trip over there for lunch recently, and the sandwiches blew my mind. (You might want to ask for no bread though!) Fundamental also has an ever-changing dinner menu consisting of a selection of dishes inspired by the seasons, meant to be shared with friends and family. The four-course tasting option is a great good way to try many of the dishes in one meal.

Sweetfin Poké
Sweetfin Poké is a new restaurant opening in Santa Monica, and CFLA’s own Auggie is one of the owners. They offer a wide variety of signature bowls made with healthy ingredients which include vitamin B infused bamboo rice, a kelp noodle slaw and a raw kale and bamboo salad. The homemade sauces fit within the confines of a gluten free diet. In fact, the entire menu is gluten and dairy free, and you can create custom bowls with various types of proteins, bases, sauces and toppings to fit your nutrition preferences. I’m definitely looking forward to when Sweetfin Poké opens. Next time you see Auggie in class, you can ask him for updates about the opening date.

I’d love to hear about some of your favorite spots that you will go to for good post-WLC food!

Thursday’s Workout

A) Double under skill practice

B) Bar muscleup skill practice

10 Bar muscleups
10 Power clean and jerks (50% of 1RM jerk)

And Coming Friday

Open Workout 15.4




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