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Today, we remember Lt. Michael Murphy. He died heroically in 2005 and we’ve been honoring him since by doing his favorite workout every Memorial Day since (this will be our 9th).

Join us at 8am before the workout heats begin for a special Opening Tribute. Heats run every 15 minutes after that.

Odds are you will be sore no matter how you choose to scale later in the week. If so, do come in during Practice days for active recovery. (This may seem counter intuitive often but it get in to flush it out and you’ll be thankful you did…)


Monday’s Workout (AM only)
Mental Toughness


1 Mile Run
100 Pull Ups
200 Push Ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

**The workout can be scaled any way needed**
Scale Suggestions:
“Cindy-Style” (Breaking up the bodyweight portion into rounds of 5pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats)
3/4 Murph (1 Mile Run, 75 Pull Ups, 150 Pull Ups, 225 Squats, 1 Mile Run – Cindy-Style or straight through)1/2 Murph (800m Run, 50 Pull Ups, 100 Push Ups, 150 Squats, 800m Run – Cindy-Style or straight through)

And coming Tuesday

A) For quality load
20 Back squats

B) 3 RFQ
2 9yd Plate pushes
10 Pushups
10 RKBS (32/24)
–1-3min Rest between rounds–



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