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We are extraordinarily lucky to have master coach and athlete Jamie Silber here at CFLA. Check the video and share with anyone you know interested in tackling the challenge of triathlon.

Monday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

A) FQL, working up across sets

B) Task vs Time vs Task Priority
1) Task Priority
500m Row, for time
-Rest 3 min, then
2) Time Priority
Row as many meters as possible in the time it took to complete Part
-Rest 3 min
3) Task Priority
Row the result of Part 2, for time
–See 10/16/14–

And Coming Tuesday

A) 5 RFR (:30:30)
RKBS (32/24)

B) FQL, working up across sets
5 Sets
2 9-yd Plate pushes + 5 Back squats



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