Direct from the Best

I want to share  footage of the US Women’s Crew Team which includes Erin Cafaro-MacKenzie who has given the CFLA coaches a ton of amazing tips and drills for rowing this cycle. Here is the final heat of the 2012 London Olympics of the women’s 8. I think it’s one think to hear that we are getting direct advice from an Olympic gold medalist, it’s quite another to witness and realize how dominate that national team was. We are grateful for her advice and are thrilled to pass her coaching on to you guys.

Use what we’ve already taught for Tuesday’s competition and be ready for new drills on Wednesday!



Tuesday’s Workout

“CFG 15.5”
Row for Cal
Thrusters (95/63)

Wednesday’s Workout

A) FQ @ Damper 1
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 20s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 22s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 24s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 26s/min
4 x 30:30 Row:Paddle @ 28s/min

10 Kipping ring dips
200m Sprint
–1min Rest between rounds–



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