Perfect Tricks Like The Dudes

Have you guys seen The Dude Perfect Show on CMT, yet? They’re a group of friends who became You-Tube famous for hitting trick shots – with every type of sporting equipment imaginable. They’re great – and now it’s an awesome show.

I forsee the invention of some great CFLA trick shots thanks to the new hoop. Harley already came up with an amazing behind-the-door-over-the-pull-up-baseline shot. Hey, Harl maybe we can try the Cody Trust Shot from The Dude Project. I’m not as good as Chris Paul, but I’ll do my best, I promise.

Happy Monday, guys.

Tuesday’s Workout
Puzzle Week

Mathematical Toughness”
FT w/ partner, 1 person at a time
2min Max reps
Power snatches (60­70% of Strict press)
Math Problem #1
Math Problem #2
[#2 Answer] Power cleans Math Problem #3
[#3 Answer] Thrusters
After completing the workout, complete one more bonus problem:
Bonus: Math Problem #4

Wednesday’s Workout
Puzzle Week

800m Run
40 Spider crab spiders
200 Single criss cross jumps
30 Hang DB Power Cleans (45/30) 100 Mountain climbers
40 alternating pistols
10 Concentration questions ­­30sec to study picture at 4min, 6min, and 8min­­


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