Satan’s Tricycle

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If you did Monday’s workout, you were introduced to the evilness that is the Assault bike. The first incarnation of this bike was made by Schwinn decades ago and was called an Airdyne. That machine was a crude version of what we have; a wiry, steel apparatus one might find rusting in your grandad’s garage gym, if your grandad was Jack LaLanne.

When I looked up the history of the Airdyne, one site said it was “created by Satan.” The bike really does have the nickname Satan’s Tricycle. Yikes.

Schwinn introduced the Airdyne exercise bike in 1978. It proved to be one of Schwinn’s best-selling products ever. The design is simple and incredibly effective in a full-body, soul-sucking kind of way.

During this cycle we’re going to get to know this machine a lot more. If the thought of that makes you nervous, maybe this video of someone doing the “300FY” – 10mins on the Airdyne trying to hit 300 calories — will make you feel better. Use your imagination what “FY” stands for.

Happy riding, guys!

Tuesday’s Workout
Test Week

30min to find
1RM Clean and jerk

Wednesday Workout
Test Week

400m Run
10 2×4 Split squats w/ pivot reverse
5 Deadlifts (315/225)
5 Muscleups




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