Looking Forward to More Balance Training

I’m really excited about the balance work we will do this cycle. I am a big fan of working the obscure things that prove to be highly beneficial to not just us as athletes, but functionally for life. Here are some of Th e benefits of balance training.

  •  Balance benefits neural muscular coordination. Basically it helps improve the communication between your brain and muscles.
  •  Balance helps with isolation. During balance training you have to maintain stabilization and you were forced to engage in individual muscles.
  •  Balance helps with hip stabilization. The single leg type balance exercises your glute medius is engaged and work and therefore stabilizing your hips.
  •  Balance helps with core stabilization. This interns helps to improve coordination, athletic skill, and posture.
  •  Balance improves overall joint stability.
  •  Balance improves your reaction time —  and I don’t just mean athletically. If you were to trip or stumble balance training helps re-balance before you fall.

Movement is essential to perform any daily activity. Your ability to move efficiently requires control of the body’s postural alignment. One needs strong balance to move efficiently.

Balance is divided into two types: static balance and dynamic balance. Static balance refers to the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass within its base of support. Dynamic balance refers to the ability to move outside of the body’s base of support, while maintaining postural control. We plan on working both types this cycle. And I can’t wait!

Friday’s Workout
Test Week

50 Double unders
10 Alt pistols
10 C2B pullups
10 2×4 Lateral ball slams (14/10)
1 Pivot reverse
10 2×4 Lateral ball slams


Sunday’s Workout

7 rounds for time:
3 Forward rolls
5 Wall walk ups
7 Toes to bar
9 Box jumps (30/24)

Monday’s Workout
Practice Day

7 Sets @ 60% C&J
2 Clean pull
1 Hang clean (Pockets)

60 Double unders
20 2×4 Alt Pistols
8 Muscleups



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