The Biggest Fan

I love watching humans work their way through mental quandaries within the context of movement no matter the sport. It’s fascinating to me. I’ve been know to watch EVERY AND ANY SPORT. I’ve watched sumo wrestling, curling, badminton, and ping pong, and whatever else is on obscure sports networks. For two years straight, I watched every hour of the Tour de France – that’s a 21 day event, folks. I’ve been know to let my daughters ditch school the first day of March Madness. And once, when I worked a mini peace corps project in the Caribbean while in high school, I watched an entire 9-hour cricket match live. I didn’t know any of the rules when I started watching, but by the end I was saying things like “he hit the sticky wicket” with ease.

But there is a special space in my heart when I watch my own family members compete. I well up when I watch as they tend to always demonstrate the most resilient mental fortitude and heart, which all three of them have. I’ve been to so many peewee basketball games and soccer matches when the girls were little, and countless tennis tournaments for Julio and Mina individually; and so many taekwondo tournaments when Maya was a junior Olympian black belt. (I’m bummed I haven’t been able to see one of Maya’s college rugby matches live yet.) And I have to say, I’ve loved every minute — or should I say I’ve loved every long-ass hour because every athlete’s parent knows how much time these events take — and this isn’t including the innumerable hours of practice.

This last weekend, however, was the first time I got to watch Mina and Julio compete together as a team on the tennis court. They participated in the USTA National Father/Daughter Hard Court Championships in Indian Wells. They played four matches in three days against very formidable players including D1 college-playing daughters and fathers who used to be on the professional tennis tour. The number one seed of this tournament had competed in men’s doubles at all four Grand Slam events in 1989 (!)

Out of 16 teams, Julio and Mina placed fourth! I couldn’t have been more proud watching them. The level of tennis was really good and watching them play so well together — and have blast doing it — was the best Mother’s Day present I could have asked for. I hope they continue to play in these, and that I get to go watch, because I am and will always be their biggest fan.

Tuesday’s Workout

40 Handstand pushups
2min Rest
400m Plate run (45/25)
2min Rest
100 Alt Overhead plate lunges
2min Rest
800m Run

Wednesday’s Workout

A) Jerk Skill Practice
Tall jerks (light)

B) 3 RFQ on the 3:00
5 Deadlifts (80%)
15 Knees to elbows
–1min Cap each round–

C) 4 RFQR (90s:3m)
20/15cal Bike
Max Thrusters (45-50% Press)


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