At the End of the Day, Love is Always the Thing

Admittedly, I didn’t think Mark Semos could top last year’s pre-Murph speech. I mean, last year was a punch right in our perspective. It was surprising and poignant. We talked about it for weeks. GC was PUMPED FOR MONTHS.

But Mark did deliver again. It’s not his responsibility, really, to make us understand those who protect this country. When Mark was actively part of SEAL Team 5, his only responsibility was to protect us in a general sense in a very specific way. But the way he tells his stories heavy with his truth and with unaffected humility, it’s hard not to have a new level of understanding and respect for our military.

Mark started the speech with how he sees himself — how the SEALs see themselves: Make no mistake, they are killers. They “butcher enemies.” This line made me flinch though Mark did not. He explained that war is a bleak void that is evil, that “waits for men” even when there is no war, and soldiers must be prepared in grueling ways to face the brutal reality of war.

But…as humans, even in the harshest of circumstances, we are moved my love. Michael Murphy made a very conscious decision to sacrifice his life. He gave up everything and everything that was to come, Mark explained, out of love for his friends, his brothers. At the end of the day, the ultimate warrior and the most evolved people are motivated by love and connection.

“Murph” is just a workout, and we civilians will never completely understand what it’s like to face the darkness of war. It doesn’t mean that we don’t know pain and suffering even if it’s just in the context of a workout. And when we feel like quitting, whatever it is, as humans we have the ability to connect to love, to those who we love, to what we love to do, and serve something greater than ourselves. This is what causes pain to subside. This is what drives us forward. We can be the ultimate warrior of our own lives ¬†through the power of love.


Tuesday’s Workout
Recovery Practice

5 Sets @ 75% C&J
2 Jerk drives
1 Split jerk

3min Max @ Bike for cal

5 RFQT @ 200m Run
16ft Lateral stepping balance (squat)
5 Muscle Ups

Wednesday’s Workout
Recovery Practice

5 RFQIT @ < 7 RPE
10 Alt DB Power snatches (25% BW / 18% BW)
10 CTB Pullups
20 DB Russian twists
10 Alt pistols
–1min Rest between rounds–
–SOMSAVS Scoring–

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