Need More Yoga?

Almost all of my clients and students have confessed to me that they could use more yoga in their lives. Who doesn’t need more yoga??Mobility, recovery, meditation, relaxation are the perfect balance to most all athletic endeavors. As great as yoga is, I know I often struggle to keep up with a once-a-week practice.

A solution that I’ve come up with is to create more of an at-home practice by searching for yoga videos on YouTube. I was surprised to find that I could find instructional videos ranging from 10 minutes to over an hour online, from any number of methods of practice. Restorative is my favorite. I could also find yoga videos on very specific things that ailed me. For example, I can look up “yoga for a tight back” or “yoga for runners” and find several videos ranging in length that often turn out to be just what I need. I’ve even been able to (sometimes) coerce Mina into participating with me especially when some videos are only 10 minutes long. I realize that even 10 minutes can be helpful for a busy, teen athlete with a short attention span.

YouTube has proved to be a very resourceful — and free! — tool as I continue to fit more yoga into my health and fitness routine. You might find it helpful as well. One of the yoga instructors I subscribe to is Brett Larkin. Here is her channel, but make sure to search around for videos that serve you best.

Tuesday’s Workout

“Franklin Hill: Up, Over, Around & Up”

2 rounds, each for time on the 15:00

Wednesday’s Workout

7 Sets @ 65% C&J
2 Clean pulls
1 Hang clean (Pockets)

80 Double unders
10 Balancing MB Side throws-R (20/14)
1 Balancing Pivot reverse
10 Balancing MB Side throws-L
20 Alt Pistols


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