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It’s officially summer! You may or may not have noticed there haven’t been any kids classes happening this week, that’s because last week was our final week of classes for the Spring 2016 session.  We are on “summer break” and don’t have any regularly scheduled classes, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see us here. What I will be doing instead of a regular session of classes is working with kids privately, semi privately and in small groups to gain strength, coordination, specific skills and of course FUN.

I love summertime because kids get to spend a lot of time playing at camps, going on vacation and exploring. To me, that means they can put all of the skills, conditioning and strength they learned at CrossFit to use. I’ve found that having a little break from regularly scheduled class give me a break and them too.

If you have kids that are interested in learning, playing and growing over the summer, reach out to me and we can schedule some sessions to work with your kids privately or in small groups of any age. This can be just for fun and play or to work on strength and conditioning.   Looking forward to meeting to new faces over the summer.

Today’s Workout

8 RFQR (20:10)
Power snatches (30-35%)

100 Double unders
20 KB Russian twists (24/16)
8 Muscle ups

And coming Friday
Mental Toughness

8 Wall walks
20 DB stepups (60/40, 24/20)
800m Run



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