Heed the Mobility Call, Y’all!

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I can’t emphasize enough how invaluable this upcoming Mobility for Performance workshop will be. These people are going to show you how and where to put their version of a lacrosse ball all over your body. For 2 hours! 2 glorious hours.

At some point you might want to seriously consider this mobility call-to-action. Your body will not like you very much, nor will it work optimally for you if you don’t put in the body work with as much focus as your workouts. The length of time does not have to equal your workouts certainly, but the dedication and consistency is as important for general maintenance, recovery, range of motion, better circulation, and just good ol’ self-care.

I first encountered the Yoga Tune Up founder Jill Miller at a Kelly Starrett Mobility Seminar about three years ago. Miller is the Kelly Starrett of the yoga world in that she tries to slow down and reeducate yoga practitioners who have really injured themselves (or who are about to) by driving too hard to master poses without proper technique, doing yoga within a competitive context, or from overuse. As Carolyn pointed out in class last week, “We can really f*ck up anything. Even yoga.” Anyway, Miller did an amazing diaphragm-respiratory demonstration at the seminar to help with our breathing. She also used her lacrosse-like balls to painfully and effectively dig down our thoracic vertebrae, which I still use on most of my private clients today.

There are 30 spots in the upcoming workshop we’re hosting on Saturday, July 9. Your name should fill one of those spots. 2 hours for $40 for invaluable recovery techniques that will improve your workouts, sure, but also your life is money well, well spent.

The sign up sheet is in the main gym. Get on it!


Friday’s Workout
Recovery Practice

3 RFQ @ </= 7 RPE
60sec Bike
15 Kipping CTB pullups
15 Burpees
12 Alt pistols

5 Sets @ 80% C&J
2 Clean pulls
1 Hang clean (Mid-thigh)

Sunday’s Workout

“The Doss”
10 Rounds for Time
200m Run
10 Squats

Closed Monday for the Fourth of July
Enjoy your holiday!




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