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I’m almost halfway through my week alone. Julio and Mina are back east. Maya is up north for the summer. I’m a bit lonely, but I decided to make the most of this week by creating My Week’s Bucket List  Every day while they’re away I want to do something adventurous and just for me. It’s been fun just coming up with things to do.

imageSaturday I drove out to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens. The lotus flowers are in bloom and I have never seen one live before. That alone was worth the drive, the admission, and the heat.  Sunday I went to Thai Town and bought ingredients to make a killer coconut soup I make. And today I treked out to Hermosa Valley Greenbelt to take a very long run on the wood-chip covered trail.  While running during this odd, far-away adventure  I ran into Mark Semos of all people!

Tonight will be the first kid-less Fourth of July I’ve had in 21 years. I may take a glass of wine up to the roof and watch the fireworks that are lit from the Brentwood Country Club.

Tomorrow night I plan to go to a restorative yoga class at 7:30 … PM! Ha. And at some point before Friday I plan on getting a pedicure, watching at least three movies more than the three I’ve already watched, and reading. A lot.

Not too many summers ago, the girls and I would come up with a Summer Bucket List. We’d write down adventures that we wanted to explore, food we wanted to try, or strange activities we’d do. We’d visit interesting murals and eat at cool hole-in-the-wall spots deep in LA. I’d take them to the museums and to independent films. Probably our most epic art project was when we made hats out of empty watermelons. It was stupid and hilarious. A memory that will last for sure.

Now that the girls are almost out of the house, it seemed like a good idea for me to do my own list, to keep exploring. It’s not as fun without them, but it still has been fun. I hope to create another list when Julio gets home.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Tuesday’s Workout

3-5 Sets @ 80%
1 Clean and jerk

Odd: 10 Thrusters (40%)
Even: 10 Toes to bar
–30sec cap each round–

5 Deadlifts (65-70%)
10 Windshield wipers

Wednesday’s Workout

4 Burpees
4 Muscle Ups
–45sec Cap each round–

12 Alt DB Snatches (30/22% BW)
6 Alt KB Pistols (20/15% BW)

3-5 Sets @ 85%
1 Clean and jerk




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