I Wanted to Be a Gold Medalist by Jamie Silber

Guest post by Coach Jamie Silber

From the time I was a very young, I remember watching the Olympics on TV with my father. I was so enamored¬†with the pageantry, competition, and especially the athletes….I dreamed of becoming an Olympian. I started running competitively at the age of 16. As the years pasted (every 4 years), I was steadfast in my devotion and hoped the Olympics and me would cross paths. During my formative years in high school, I started to realized my performances were not even close the caliber of the athletes at the games. I continued to train diligently at college. I pushed myself to the limit and often times, beyond. I eventually graduated with a degree, but also with dashed hopes of ever becoming an Olympic athlete. I was done dreaming.

After college, I continued to run competitively, but with a renewed purpose to my training. A coach once said to me: “You can truly measure progress by only improving oneself.” As the years passed, I took that quote to heart and I have never stopped trying to improve.

Joining the community at CFLA has further bolstered my drive to improve. Knowing that we all perform many Olympic movements/sports in various contexts, my hope is that we all can feel a connection the Olympic Games.

I never stopped watching the Olympics Games. They remind me of my youth and more importantly, inspire me to be my best. With the Rio Olympic Games starting this Friday, I will reflect on my boyhood dreams and at the same time, I’ll watch in awe as the athletes go for GOLD!

Tuesday’s Workout

30min to find
1RM Clean and Jerk

Wednesday’s Workout

400m Run
10 Balancing split squats w/ pivot reverse
5 Deadlifts (315/225)
5 Muscle Ups


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