Olympic Fever

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Like Jamie wrote on Monday, I too am beyond excited about the 2016 Rio Olympics. I could totally geek out on (and possibly bore you with) Olympic trivia and ceaseless talk about events and athletes. Just this afternoon, Jamie and I had a 20 minute conversation supplemented with You Tube videos solely on the 50k race walk event. (PS the world record for a walked marathon is 3:32!)

But instead I’d like to point out that as we wrap up Cycle 11 where you spent 14 weeks practicing and improving your clean and jerk, you should have a new, profound appreciation for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. I highly encourage you to catch a few events during these Olympics. The hip speed and form and sheer power of these athletes, male and female in all weight classes are astounding. The weightlifting action begins on Saturday with the lightweight women’s 48kg category — these athletes weigh no more than 105.6lbs. Just to give you an idea of their power, in the London 2012 Games the 48kg woman who won gold clean and jerked 250lbs and snatched 200lbs! You may have to watch these events online, but please check them out!


Friday’s Workout

50 Double unders
10 Alt pistols
10 C2B pullups
10 Balancing MB Side throws (14/10)
1 Balancing pivot reverse
10 Balancing MB Side throws

Sunday Workout

800m run
5 round of
10 KB skier swings
10 Alt KB snatches
10 Alt lateral lunges
10 Push ups
800m run

Monday’s Workout
Student Hoppa Week




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