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One of the most notable things I witnessed while watching the 48 kg women’s weightlifters  —  other than the gold medalist Sopita Tanasan of  Thailand snatching 202.4lbs and clean and jerking 237.6lbs! —  is how affectionate the top athletes were with their coaches and general entourage. They were especially affectionate after the contest was over, but still very much so during; after good and missed lifts. This was true, too, for the silver medalist Sri Wahyuni Agustiani from Indonesia. The lifter from India, who placed 11th, did not have this same type of support system. When she missed her second attempt at the clean and jerk, her coaches were visibly upset  –  not consoling and definitely not affectionate. I knew she would miss her third attempt, feeling the eyes of her coaches from the sidelines. I felt it, too! Not surpringly, she did not make the lift.

This touched me, frankly. I felt badly for the Indian lifter, but mainly I felt a lot of love for the Thai and Indonesian teams. It reminded me how important a solid and loving support system is. To have a group of people who encourage you to do your best, who are  unconditionally in your corner —  to have this around us is when we feel safe enough to  succeed or to fail trying our best.  I know I always feel my best when Julio with the girls show up for my competitions.

Surround yourself with a positive,  encouraging, and loving support system. It’s an important component to your success – in anything.

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