Coaching Kids

With kids classes starting up again in under a month, I wanted to share a little bit about why I coach kids. The easiest place for me to start is what I appreciate about them. They are honest, authentic, fearless and usually full of joy. These are just a few characteristics that I value, they are also characteristics that I see in a lot of the kids I work with. These alone bring me so much joy and allow me to continue to do what I do.

Honesty and authenticity: Most kids don’t hide what they are feeling, which is something I truly appreciate. They don’t try to pretend they like you if they don’t or tell you they are happy when they are sad. Most kids will just be their true self, which is one of the best ways to be.

Fearlessness: I admire this because a lot of my life has been run by fear.   In CrossFit my fear of getting upside down is still a thing for me sometimes.  I have found that most kids are super stoked to try something new and are full of courage. Ask a kid to to perform box jumps, they say no problem. Handstands? Sure, I’ll try it. Cartwheel? Great, looks like fun!

Joy: Most children are full of joy and happiness. It’s truly in their nature to receive love and to give it also.  Most see no reason to hurt someone or not to have fun, this in itself is beautiful and refreshing. I appreciate their care free state and open heart.

I could list a lot more things, and of course a few challenges too, but I’ll close with just a few more thoughts.  I think seeing kids grow and learn is magical. It’s fun to see a kid try something new, succeed then want to try it again.  It’s also wonderful watching them work very hard and make progress and see changes from all the work they have put in. In my kids program I work with a variety of different types of kids. I have the opportunity to get to know them, find out what drives them and push them to make progress while having fun.  If you have a kid or know one who’s looking to grow, send them my way please.

Kids Fall 2016 session
10 weeks
Sept 12- Nov 19th
Teen Classes ages 13-17, Monday and Wednesday afternoon
Kids Classes ages 5-12, Tuesday and/or Thursday afternoon and Saturday am

Today’s Workout
Mental Toughness

“The Pain Train”

20 Unbroken thrusters (95/65)
800m MB Run (20/14)
–Courtesy Alex Bentley–
–Restart the 20 thrusters if bar is dropped–

And Coming Friday

7 x 1
Broad jump
–Record best and average–

200m Run
40 Lateral hops
21 Handstand pushups
–1min Rest–
200m Run
40 Lateral hops
15 Handstand pushups
–1min Rest–
200m Run
40 Lateral hops
9 Handstand pushups

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