Stuck & Worth It

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Well, the chances were very good that I’d have a great time in Mexico — and we did! We had an amazing time in fact. But that doesn’t mean that things didn’t go wrong.

I actually thought there would be absolutely no hiccups at all – everything had been so perfectly. But alas…

I’m writing this post from the Mexico City airport. Our connecting flight to Mexico City was so delayed that we missed our flight home. And now we’re stuck until tomorrow. It seemed we’d be stuck for longer since every flight to LA showed booked. When I heard that, I felt sick to my stomach. My child needs me! Who will I inconvenience to cover my classes in the morning?! Stuck Abroad became the cliche name Lifetime series. ¬†We will be home tomorrow – but not after 2 more planes and 16 more hours.

And the truth is that even though things went wrong, as I had feared, it all was so worth it. The four days of straight wedding celebration in the most beautiful of towns with our close friends was better than I could have dreamed. Getting out of the bubble was, in fact, a great idea! Who knew? I can’t wait for our next adventure. Just send us good thoughts so we get home soon from this one.

Tuesdays Workout


Front squat (Use True 2RM)
75% x 5
85% x 3
95% x 1+

“Row, Tuminello, Row”
250m Row
8 Overhead squats (45/25)
8 Swings
8 Bentover rows
8 Rev lunges with twist
8 Diagonal chops (Right)
8 Diagonal chops (Left)
–Unbroken rounds–

8 Handstand pushups
2 10m Push pull crawls

Wednesday’s Workout

Mental Toughness

AMRAP 30, w/ partner
100 Squats (Partner holds squat)
50 Pushups (Partner holds plank)
400m Partner carry
–Switch at any time–




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