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Last Saturday morning my alarm went off at 5am. It’s was an early Saturday for me, but I was stoked to get up and do something active and be outdoors.  Earlier in the week I got an invite to join a couple of friends on a hike. Well, not just a hike, but a hike up a mountain. Mt Baldy to be specific. I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for, but I packed a bunch of snacks, dressed in layers and was going to be open to anything.

We arrived at Manker flats campground around 7am and got ourselves ready to hike up the hill. Niki had her 33 pages of maps to get us up and down the hill. We started on a paved road, that lead us up to a waterfall, then turned onto a fire road and eventually up to the ski lodge. From there we went on Devils Backbone trail.(pictured above) This was very steep and narrow and some points, and took us all the way up to the top with beautiful views all around. This is when I realized this was going to be mentally and physically tough. Alyssa and Niki were faster than me and we had pulled away as we moved up the hill.  I could see Niki out in front moving quickly and constantly.  My journey up started to slow, I took a few steps, then took a few breaths, trying to find the right pattern and pace to make it up the mountain.  This was even more challenging as parts of the trail were blustery and windy. Thoughts of slipping or my hat  blowing kept running through my head as I took cover beside rocks to catch my breath.

The whole hike was gorgeous and the beauty made it all worth it. The temperature was just fine as I had dressed appropriately. My heart was pumping and legs were burning, and that was my body’s way of telling me to stop/slow. So I listened, but knew I had two friends waiting for me. So, after some internal chatter, and a stop for some water, a larabar and a plum I slowly and steadily continued up to the top.

With a sigh of relief I had reached the top of Mt Baldy, at an elevation 10,064. Snacks and drinks were had, jokes were exchanged, and a few photos taken, then our trek down the backside took place. We came down by the ski lodge, which has lots of loose gravel, switch backs and beautiful trees and flowers. The down was a little faster, but painful to my feet, but I just kept moving, kinda like a mental toughness wod.



Today’s Workout

A) 3 RFQR (30s:90s)
Burpees to vertical jump

12 Lateral sit to stands
12 Kipping ring dips
12 Pivot reverses

And Coming Friday

Rope climbs



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