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As Kenny stated in his video, this week is recovery week at the gym.  Sometimes when we hear that we’re dialing back workouts, it can feel like we’re not getting a great workout. But it can be the best thing for us to have even greater workouts later.

I’m currently reading a book called Run the World  about training and nutritional tactics of the best runners around the world. The current chapter I’m on is about the most elite distance runners from Ethiopia, and they take recovery very seriously. To the point that when they’re not running, they’re doing as little as possible. Even when they train, they ramp up very slowly, and a proper cool down is as important. They take at least one full day off during the week. They’re not messing around! And they are some of the fastest in the world.

In our lives, we probably have very little downtime. From work, to family, to our workouts, to our hobbies,  to our social lives. Even during this so-called “recovery week,” we do not get a break from the rest of our responsibilities.

For my birthday, I received a GPS running watch that records the number of steps and miles I take and travel throughout the day. Last Friday, I ran 3 easy miles, but I also had four private clients, I coached a class, and I took care of a few errands before coming home to my family. At the end of the night, my watch read that I had traveled 9 miles during the day. That’s with only 3 miles of running. Even though it was a light running/workout day for me,  I obviously was still very active though I was unaware of it.

If you work out hard regularly, I highly encourage you to take avantage of recovery this week at the gym. This might be the only place where you can get it!


Tuesday’s Workout
Practice Recovery Week

Front squat (Use True 2RM)
60% x 5
65% x 5
70% x 5

Max strict pullups
-1-2min Rest between sets–

Deadlifts (45-50% 1RM C&J)
Hang power cleans
Power jerks
*10 Lateral hops
–SOMSAVS Scoring for quality

Wednesday’s Workout
Practice Recovery Week

Running skill session

FQT @ </= 7 RPE
1mi Run

3 RFQR (30s:30s)
Strict ring dips
Balancing Foot hand crawl
Squat snatches (45%)
–SOMSAVS Scoring for awareness–




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