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While I was in standing figure four pose today my yoga teacher said it’s not about the end pose or how far you go, instead its your awareness of where you are now.  He asked can you feel your feet? Can you feel your abdomen and your back? I checked in and was aware of all of my body parts. As well as my focus on my breath allowed me to have control over what I was doing.

Last week I asked my 6am and 7am classes what practice days meant to them. As it’s always good to revisit these things.  Most of them spoke about making themselves better, virtuosity, form and awareness. I added play and experiment to that on friday when I checked in with my classes. This is our time to try out new things, whether it be breathing while doing double unders ( I know this is new for many of you as friday revealed) or switching up your hand position on the bar to see what it feels like.

Kelley starrett talked about owning your position. He says you can’t own a position unless you can breath in it. I feel that’s what yoga has helped me with in the gym, movement coordinated with breath.  My focus on the breath allows me to truly be in a position and “own it”.  I challenge you all on the practice days to keep aware of your breath and your body and I’ll guarantee you will have more awareness of where you are.

Today’s Workout

Wednesday’s Workout

400m Run
10m Hillbilly push (45/25)
10m Hillbilly push
2 Rope climbs

Thursday’s Workout

“1/2 Tabata This-ish”
4 Cycles FQR (20s:10s) at each element
Overhead squats (50%)
Kipping pullups
Box jumps (24/20)
–1min between elements–

3-3-3-3-3 (8/10 difficulty)



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