7 Years and Growing!

Today’s Workout
We interrupt our planned programming today for a workout we did 7 years ago…

For time:
5 Rope climbs (Rx for men – arms only from sitting)
50 Box Jumps (20)
50 Kettlebell swings (24/16)
50 Sit-ups
50 GHD Extensions
800 meter Run
50 dumbbell Hang Power Cleans (40/25)Guess what I got in my Inbox on Monday? My Seven-Year Anniversary email from CFLA! Here’s the text…
Lucky number seven! You’ve reached it — SEVEN years! Your very first day with us was November 1, 2004. Every year on your anniversary, we suggest you take a moment to look over your training journal to see where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished — you might just surprise yourself! In any event, the year mark is significant — congratulations on your persistence and consistency. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you in many more classes to come!

I remember these 7 years vividly, like it all took place over the last week… no-one had heard of CrossFit and most people thought I was crazy, the fear that came along with putting myself on the hook for opening up my own space, starting out with ‘classes’ of one or two (and somewhat regularly, none), the joy and wonder every time I got a new delivery of equipment, the happiness of just being in the space once it was finished, the very slow growth over the first two years, the commitment to my vision of community, the implementation of systems for everything, the gradual building of my team of coaches, the growth of the community (and growth, and growth, and growth), the expanding of the space, the move to our current location, the opening of new affiliates by people that got their start here, the changes in students and coaches, the generous love and support that people have given to me and our community over these seven years, and the daily inspiration that I get every single day in watching people ‘do the impossible’, change their lives, get into action, create their lives.

That last part… that’s really why I do this… you see, it’s really very selfish… I love, am maybe even addicted to, seeing people learn and grow, and will do anything I can to be around it – so much so that I’ve created my life around it. Thanks to all of you who have helped make it possible… you guys all make such a huge difference in my life. I love you.

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