10 Things I Love When Students Do

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I recently read a blog post by a yoga instructor and it was called the 10 things your yoga instructor secretly wishes you’d do. I enjoyed reading it and found it very insightful  so much that I thought I would write my own post in regards to our gym. First off, know that I think our gym does a pretty good job of maintaining the space and working as a community, so think of this as a friendly reminder.  These tips are great for newbies, and long time gym members too.

  1. Arrive on time. In fact get in early and mobilize specific body parts that need special attention. We do our best to get you warm, but only you can feel out your body and know what it needs that day.
  2. Come in knowing what the context of the day is. This makes sure we are all on the same page- if you come in sleep deprived to a competition day, that’s totally ok. Just let the coach know what going on life and we can make a game time decision on what’s best.
  3. Bring your gym bag. It makes things quick and easy when you have your equipment handy, but it’s the worst thing to find out we have double unders and you don’t have your jump rope. Pack all your gym gear in your bag and bring it. Just don’t leave it on the gym floor instead put it in the cubbies or locker room.
  4. Wait until all athletes are done to start cleaning up. It’s the worst thing to be finishing a workout, working as hard as you can and the rest of the class is cleaning, mopping and chatting it up. Encourage the others working, unless of course coach has given specific instructs for clean up.
  5. Wear clean cloths and deodorant. Maybe you think your clothes are clean, check again. We sweat a lot here, and things pick up smells, so make sure your body and clothes are clean and fresh.
  6. Trying a new spot.  We all have habit of gravitating to the same spot in the room after grabbing our barbell. Changing things up allows you to have a different scene which can prompt a different mindset and ability to work.
  7. Clean up everyone’s equipment. If you see something lying around, pick it up. It’s ok if you didn’t use it. If it looks as though it’s out-of-place, it probably is. Us coaches don’t like to clean up after everyone after coaching.
  8. Use as little chalk as possible.  You don’t need as much chalk as you think you do. I know your hands get sweaty so you chalk up. You need a breath of air, so you chalk up. Your muscles no longer want to grip so you chalk up. Too much chalk can cause rips, longer clean up and its challenging not to mention gross to pull up on a bar covered in someone else’s chalk.
  9. Have full focus when I’m trying to get your attention. Yes, it’s great that we are in a social place and I love to talk too. But its challenging when I have to repeat myself when multiple times just to get your attention.
  10. Have fun and play.   I know I sound all serious with the above and I totally am. But I do love it when you are enjoying yourself, learning, challenging yourself and having fun.

Today’s Workout
Team Week

“Wild in the Streets”
FR, w/ partner, 1 working at a time

800m Run
Max Kipping pullups

800m Run
Max Pushups

800m Run
Max Toes to bar

800m Run
Max Squats

And Coming Friday
Team Week

“Catch Me If You Can!”
4 RFT, teams of 4, relay serpentine-style
250m Row
50 Double unders
12 MB Sit to stands (20/14)
12/9cal Bike



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