A Community, within a Community.

I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Reebok Crossfit Games this past Saturday, and what a spectacle it was.  Just think of the fittest people on earth, gathering to watch their fellow competitors, over several days of physically grueling and mentally challenging workouts. 

I knew what to expect, and I was happy to make the trip.  Attractive and fit bodies, wearing next to nothing and sporting their gym gear, what could be better!  It was also my first trip to the StubHub Center, and I really enjoyed the venue for the home of the games. 

I joined my first Crossfit gym in 2009, in Stamford, Ct., and immediately felt at home.  This was a tight knit crew of like minded individuals who shared common goals.  That community would participate in events such as in-house competitions, bowling, BBQ’s, etc., we knew how to work hard and play hard. 

I spent close to three years at that gym before deciding to take on a role as a coach in Westchester, NY, at a brand new Crossfit facility.  This was going to be a challenging task as we not only had to deliver our service as a strength and conditioning program, but we had to build a membership base as well.  Before you know it, within one year, we had about 75 members, and the word was spreading about Crossfit, our gym, and most importantly our membership. 

People would stop in to take a peak at the facility, or schedule an intro session, because they heard of not only the results people were experiencing, but also the fun that they were having while getting fit.  At this new box, we had built a community from the ground up.  It was difficult to leave this special group of people, as we had developed friendships, but I knew great things were on the horizon on the west coast!   

Enter my first experience at CFLA, where Coach Benet inquired about my rower damper setting!  I knew this was a special place, and soon to be my home as a competitor, but also a coach. 

We have an incredible community here at CFLA, and one that is a part of a broader conversation of fitness.  Being at the Crossfit Games this past weekend reminded me of a commitment I made when I signed up for my first month at Hybrid Athletics in 2009.  That commitment was to myself, and to fellow peers, that I would give my greatest effort, with integrity and humility, day in and day out, in and outside the doors of any box. 

When you think about it, it’s pretty f*cking awesome to participate in such a growing sport, event, and community.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you!

Wednesday’s Workout:


6 Overhead squats (96/65)

6 Toes to bar

And Coming Thursday:

  1. A) 5 RFQ (:45:15) at ≤70 RPE

DB Renegade rows (35/20)

Alt. pistols


  1. B) 1min max distance

Plate push

  1. C) FQL, working up across sets

5 Sets

5 Squat cleans + 1 Press

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