A little TLC

I take pride in my plants, I find them beautiful and I’m usually pretty good at keeping plants alive. Now, if you asked some of my friends they might say otherwise. There are a couple of friends that when visiting my house get out a cup and water my plants. My response is usually “I was going to water them on Tuesday.” (which is my scheduled plant watering day)

This morning I woke up and took a look at my african violet that I bought just a few weeks ago and it was dying. This beautiful little plant with dark purple blooms and furry leaves had taken a turn for the worse. This was the exact reason I had waited so long to buy one. I remember as a child my mother had them and I thought they were just gorgeous. She always kept them in her bathroom, I think it had something to do with the moisture or the light or maybe she just wanted to have the beautiful flowers in her bathroom. Regardless, I’ve always been a fan, but a little nervous to buy one of my own.

One thing I do remember is she used to water them from the ground up. Each time I gave my violet a drink, I watered from the top. Now, I’m not sure what the true cause of death was, but I have a feeling it may have been over watering. So, when I arrived home today I decided to throw it away. After all, it was dead. I dedided to take a quick photo of it before throwing it away and text my mom what happened. My mother replied back asking if she could see it. I went to send the photo to show her what my little guy looked like and the photo was gone. Maybe I didn’t actually take the photo? So, into the dumpster I go to grab it and take another photo to show mom what I had done.

She replied with” it just needs a little TLC”. After taking it out of my dumpster, cleaning away most of the dead leaves and taking another look at it, I see it has little life left in it.  I brought her back her back inside to give her another chance. Moving forward I will water it from the ground up, I will look at it daily and not give up on it so easily.

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this story with you all. 1. To share more, and share something that is very human(I’m sure many of you have killed plants) 2. A reminder that everything needs a little TLC. My plant, like most things in life requires the basics to keep it alive, light and water. Now she’ll need little extra love and attention. If you (or your plant is a little down) it might be time to give yourself (or your plant) a little more love, attention or care.

Love IS what the world needs more of.

Thursday’s workout
Practice: Recovery

A) 5 RFQ (:45:15) at ≤70 RPE
DB Renegade rows (35/20)
Alt. pistol

B) 1 min max distance
Plate push

C) FQL, working up across sets
5 Sets
5 Squat cleans + 1 Press

And Coming Friday
Practice: Recovery

A) Air Squat Rodeo
Focus on hip/heel loading

B) EMOM 12 at ≤70 RPE
1st min: 10-20 Butterfly Abmat situps
2nd min: 6-12 Strict pull ups
3rd min: 3-5 Push presses (70-80% of 1RM Press) + 3-5 Push jerks
–30sec Cap each round–

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