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A) 4×2 Max Effort (ME) Squat (90% 1RM)
B) 10 Min MU Practice with hollow priority
10 Min Jerk Practice – Fast singles, “Set” priority
50 DU
3 Push Press (95/65 or as speed allows)
3 Push Jerks


A) Max Effort (ME) Press
B) 10 Min Pistol Practice
10 Min Rope Climb Practice
C) 3 Rounds for Quality (RFQ):
:60 Rope climbs
:15 Rest
:60 Candlestick stand ups
:15 Rest
:60 Box Jumps 24/20
How fit are you?

How do YOU answer that question?

What does it mean to be fit? Is it competence in the 10 general physical skills (strength, flexibility, stamina, endurance, speed, power, balance, coordination, agility and accuracy)? Or is it the efficiency of your cardio-respiratory system… having a good ticker, an efficient oxygen delivery system and a big set of lungs? Or does it mean you’ve got stress licked and recovery mastered… using meditation, yoga, acupuncture or a combination of all three to achieve optimal fitness? What about the CrossFit adage – the fitter you are, the more able you are do to more work in less time?

Researchers at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science & Technology) recently published their ‘fitness calculator.’ Check it out – you can enter data about yourself and your workout habits and it will spit out your ‘fitness age’ and your calculated VO2 Max. It’s pretty cool… and it’s certainly one way to look at your fitness.

Their assumption is that the higher your VO2 Max, the better your cardiovascular fitness, and the better your cardiovascular fitness, the fitter you are. They go on to say that your VO2 max is a good predictor of general sickness / wellness.

Personally, I’m a fan of the work / time concept of fitness. The more work you can do in the least amount of time, the greater your fitness. I’ll bet that having a high capacity for doing work (CrossFit fitness) correlate directly to fitness measured through this fitness calculator. I’ve got a calculated VO2 max of 58, and a ‘fitness age of younger than 20!

In any event, have fun with it. And post your numbers to comments.

River dance & jumping jacks. #warmingup #funweek #webedorks



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