A Different Kind of Family Health

Today’s Skill
Plank and Push Ups

Today’s Workout
Pick 2 events off the leaderboard — try to set a new personal record!

Today’s Game
Musical Medicine BallsFamily health isn’t just physical health, it’s also mental health. They have a direct relationship with each other. When we care for one, the other benefits. And when we do not care for one, it has an impact on the other. This is true within the family unit, too. If one of us is stressed out, it effects the whole family. So, if we work together as a unit to be healthy, mentally and physically, we can raise each other up.

Sometimes we don’t realize we have gone off track with our habits and our behaviors. We get stuck in ruts and patterns. One of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, recently posted an article about this very state and gave some ideas on how to break your family out of those ruts. Do you think it’s time to perk up your family? Then check out this article — 5 Simple Ways to Reboot Your Family

Mina practices her headstand.

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