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It has been just over one year since my week at CrossFit LA, and here are some results.

  • Quadrupled our number of clients
  • Tripled the monthly value of each client
  • Average number of new sign ups per week over the last year = 3
  • Retention rate of all people who come through my doors = 85%
  • Net income has tripled

Even more important than any of those statistics to me, however, is the amazing community my wife, our coaches, and I have created through our CrossFit facilities. We have two facilities and are looking to open our third this summer. I am continually humbled by the quality of people who surround me every day. It is a joy to be at work and be a part of such a supportive, inspired, and committed group of clients and coaches. Part of what has made it all possible is a better business model that has allowed me to attract and retain so many great people. I am indebted to Andy and John for their great ideas and their willingness to share them.

I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the message board, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We will be at the Games with a big tent and banner for TJ‘s Gym, so come by and chat if you’d like.

Hi Everyone,

I want to give an update regarding my experience with the CrossFit LA/Petranek Fitness Business Apprenticeship Program, now known as “The Biz. “ I have been in the fitness industry as a trainer and gym owner for nearly twenty years. I discovered CrossFit a few years ago and began training my clients using CrossFit methodologies two years ago. Needless to say, people immediately took to it. I went from having four of my 25 clients committed to my group classes, to almost forty group clients committed after only a couple of months. But then things stagnated. Don’t get me wrong, new people were coming in every day, but somehow I wasn’t making more money than I had been with my 25 private clients pre-CrossFit, and it didn’t seem like my business was growing. I still had the same amount of money coming in month after month. When I contacted CrossFit LA, I welcomed at the invitation to be one of the first few people Andy and John hosted to learn about their business model.



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