A Full Night’s Sleep

Today’s Workout
Find your 1 RMSo, maybe it turns out I actually do need to sleep after all.

Yeah, I know, last week I told you I don’t drink Diet Coke anymore, this week I’m telling you I actually need sleep. It’s Bizarro-Becca time, clearly.

It turns out living with someone with good health habits can actually be pretty handy. My boyfriend requires a lot of sleep, and we’re still in the phase of our relationship where we prefer to be in the same room together as opposed to not. (I’d like to think this phase is permanent. He’s pretty cool.) So, when he goes to bed, I get in bed, too. I tend to sleep less than him. I wake up in the middle of the night for a little while. Or I get up early. He coaches at 5:30am three mornings a week, though, so I don’t always wake up earlier than him. I take magnesium every night and it helps me sleep more solidly than in the past. And, as I mentioned, I doubt the lack of Diet Coke is unrelated to my new-found ability to sleep.

And strangely, the other week he was away, and I stayed up until midnight, and got up early for work…and felt sluggish and horrible all that day.

“Huh,” I thought. “Is this how I used to feel?” Did I just not know any better? Maybe I didn’t even know what it felt like to be not-tired. Or maybe my life here in Portland just suits me better and I make a practice of not doing a million things all at once, as I used to, and I just don’t need to stay awake for so many hours anymore. Maybe I’m happy and satisfied and the wheels don’t have to be turning through the dark. Maybe less is more after all.

And maybe, just maybe, our physical, mental, and emotional healths are all inextricably tied.


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