A Glimpse of Influence


“Nov 2, 2010”
In 25 minutes:
Run 1250m followed by:
As many rounds as possible of:
5 Ground to overhead – (95/65)
10 Pull Ups
15 Box Jumps (24”/20”)

Blog for Nov 2, 2010 HERE.


With a partner
Partner 1:
Runs a 200m

Partner 2:
5 K2E or Knee Ups
7 Burpees
9 Squats

I took this picture of Mina on her birthday because of how proud she was of her head-to-toe outfit, which was new and exactly how she wanted to be dressed to bring in her fifteenth year. She loves the photo almost as much as the outfit. As for me, I look at the picture and what I see astounds me. Her gait, the look on her face, her shoulders back, hands on hips – she oozes an unforced confidence that floors me. But it’s more than that – it’s her self-assurance, her solid readiness. It’s the unapologetic look of a girl who does not doubt or downplay her power. And it is so beautiful to me.

If you had asked me fifteen years ago – when I held her swaddled and fresh to the world — to conjure a future image of how I hoped Mina would turn out, it would look exactly like this photo.

I do absolutely recognize the unflagging work and relentless love it takes to be a parent – what it took to get Mina to this point — and quite honestly, I am grateful and honored that I was up for the heroic task of raising two such spirited and powerful girls. But it hasn’t been without its dark days and tears and, more regularly, uncertainty.

Every day when we’re in the grind of doing things we love, there can be long stretches of time where the work is thankless. In those types of stretches, I have often wondered if I’d lost my way, made wrong decisions. Has it been enough – or too much? I said many times when they were very young I would kick down mountains that got in their way. As they got older, I realized that I had to teach them to kick down their own mountains.

As they race toward the edge of childhood and womanhood, dependence and self-sufficiency, I have to feel confident that I did everything in my power to teach them how to take care of themselves, but also care for others along the way. It seems so hard sometimes, but it has never been too hard. Then I look at this photo of Mina and I see someone capable and strong, maybe more so than any adult I’ve known because her demeanor is so organic — and I feel at ease. Then I’m back on parent-duty, which was about thirty seconds after staring at the photo.

Know that your hard work and due diligence is not for nothing. Somebody knows or notices even when you don’t know they do. It may take years – possibly more. The point is, the hard work and the due diligence are their own reward and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a breath-taking glimpse of its influence.

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