A little bit of running and a whole lot of MUD!

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THIS is the way a mud run is supposed to be! We took 10 teams up to the Volkslauf on Saturday – and I knew it was something different (and hard) when within the first 1/2 mile, I had splashed through knee-deep mud, multiple times; run up and over a few 15′ high muddy dirt mounds; and slipped and fallen, splashing muddy water directly into my face and eyes so that blinking was like wiping mud off your car’s windshield without water! And then came lots, and lots and lots more obstacles (oh yeah, and there was a 10k somewhere in there too!)

Everyone pulled through without an injury, and we were even able to manage a top 5 finish for our top men’s team! Congratulations everyone!

Chris & Shannon emerge out of the mud.

Today’s Workout

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

All your sets of three should be heavy – warm up with lighter weights and higher reps as needed prior to starting your first set of 3 reps.

Day 4 – 4 Burpees
Today’s “Buy-In” – 10 Burpees



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