A Little Salty

Wednesday’s Workout (CAP)
Take 20 minutes to find today’s 1 RM Deadlift
4 rounds of:
5 Deadlifts (70% 1RM)
300m Run
– Start a new round every 4 minutes

… and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
5 rounds:
400m Run
25 Box jumps (24/20)
50 Double unders
No, not that kind of salt. I had a friend in graduate school who used to say he loved it when I was “salty.” I was apparently frequently salty. It’s somewhere between irritation, sarcasm, and truth-telling. I think what he referred to as my “saltiness” is what many of you experienced as me calling you out on your BS. Yeah, you know what I mean, you range-of-motion sneaking little buggers. Only back in graduate school I hadn’t really discovered that life was generally better when you’re a generally nicer person, so I think my saltiness was less kind then. But I was salty to you guys out of love.

A little salt goes a long way, but everything tastes better with that little bit of salt. And a little truth goes a long way, too. It’s the truth you don’t always get your chin over the bar. It’s the truth you might have fudged a rep or two. It’s the truth you didn’t need that office birthday cake. Am I being salty for pointing that out? Is it salty to point out the obvious? Or is it, in fact, exactly what you needed to hear. Did you really need to ask me, “Did that rep count?” Did I EVER say yes when you asked me that?

What if you got a little salty with yourself? ‘Cause really, you know your BS better than anybody else, if you choose to look at it. What would your salty self say?

I’m sensing some saltiness here.

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