A Long Term Effort

A Long Term Effort

Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
In 20 minutes:
Front Squat 1-1-1
-work up to three heavy sets
Thrusters (95/65)

… and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
That’s right – no cap on Thanksgiving celebrations! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
I remember the week I announced publicly I was moving to Portland. The best thing about it, aside from being able to tell everybody, was spending the next week quitting things. Yep, quitting things. I quit the other gyms I belonged to. I unenrolled from my UCLA classes. I quit all my freelance writing gigs. It was surprisingly enjoyable.

It felt like another manifestation of cleaning house. Some of you might remember the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge I did a couple years ago, too – where I challenged everyone on my Facebook to get rid of one item from their household every day for 30 days. It could be a shirt, a couch, or whatever. Just one thing a day. It was awesome fun.

So lately I’ve been thinking about minimalism again. Selling off items. Being very mindful of each thing I buy and bring into our home. Is it necessary? Is it truly necessary? I find that like my health and fitness, retaining a clutter-free life is also a daily project. Eating well takes a daily mindfulness. Keeping clear of clutter takes a daily mindfulness. Exercise? We all know we need consistency to be successful.

This whole consistency thing seems to be, well, consistent. Turns out most things that make life better take some daily work. Go figure.

What a difference a little time makes!



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