A Long Winter’s Nap

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Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time:
80 Double Unders
8 Thrusters (135/95)
24 Push Ups (games standard)
Like many of you I have been on vacation for a bit. Taking it easy, recharging, and enjoying the fruits of a year well spent. I am feeling rested, eager, and ready to spread my wings.

I know January 1st is just an arbitrary number that we use to mark the turning of a little blue marble in the vast expanse of space, but heck, it’s our arbitrary number and our marble — what better time and place to get excited again about what is possible?

How do you resolve to do something and succeed? Stop trying to fix what you think went wrong! Really put last year to bed. You did what you did and didn’t do what you didn’t. Let it all stay where it belongs — yesterday. Actually create something brand new that has NOTHING to do with reliving old promises. How about creating this year as your year of health and adventure? Use something like that as a compass for the whole year. Now you have a manifesto to make all your choices by! Every time you find you’ve forgotten to live by it, just put it back in place and start fulfilling on it again. No failure, just ebb and flow!

Post your manifesto to comments.

“I command you – RISE!”

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