A Method to the Madness?

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Today’s Workout
Front Squats
– spend 25 minutes and find your 3RM today
Tabata Kettlebell Swings (24/16)Believe it or not, the Workout of the Day (WOD) at CFLA is not just some random list of movements that we make up the night before. Although if you thought this, you wouldn’t have been too far off from the truth… about 6 years ago! When I first opened the doors of Petranek Fitness, we didn’t have a daily WOD… each class’s coach was responsible for making up the workout for their class – and my classes all knew that if I made them go out for a really long warm-up run, I needed more time to ‘plan’ the workout! There was no advance planning or programming… it was the epitome of random variety.

Since then, we’ve done a lot to systematize our programming. We plan training in 3-week cycles. During those cycles we do our best to maintain a balance between metabolic, gymnastic and weightlifting workouts. We rotate the planning of these cycles among the coaches on staff… so every three week you will experience a different ‘feel’ to workouts. This ensures things don’t get stale or stiff, and we get some good variety and fun. We’re currently at the start of the 2nd week of MY programming cycle.

Got any workouts you’d really like to see us include in the programming? Send it to us in an email at programming@crossfitla.com. We can’t guarantee we’ll get it in, or keep it exactly as you have it written, but believe me, we’ll do our best.

It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun, right Kevin?!



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