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Today’s Workout
800m Run
– rest 3 minutes
800m Run
– rest 4 minutes
800m Run
– rest 5 minutes
800m RunSome of you have noticed that we’ve been trying out something new that helps you see better each day how you’ve done in workouts at CrossFit LA. Most of you know by now that we take a photo of our whiteboard every day and post it to our Daily Whiteboard Photo Gallery – so that you can always go back to any day you came to CFLA for a workout to see what you did.

Last week, we started testing an interactive version of our Whiteboard Photo Gallery called SocialWOD. This site takes the whiteboard photo we upload each day and enters all the data/information from each athlete and score… so that we have an interactive record of the scores that each person achieved each and every day at CFLA. The list is sortable by athlete name, score and by Rx (the symbol used to indicate that an athlete did the workout “as prescribed”).

Every day, when the data input is completed in SocialWOD, the link is posted up on the CFLA Facebook Page. Now, one limitation of the system is that it is only as good as the legibility of the writing on the white board… and sometimes this means that names get accidentally changed. When this happens to you, it means the system won’t recognize the workout score as yours. The best way to remedy this is for you to go to our SocialWOD site and click on the button that says “Claim your athlete profile…” This will allow you to edit your name, add notes, scaling and get WOD notifications.

Since we’re still evaluating it to decide if we want to keep it around and use it long term, we’d appreciate your comments and input. Please check it out and put your comments in comments on today’s post.

Rachael goes for the basic and super-effective kettlebell swing!



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