A New Year & A New Look for CrossFitla.com

Today’s Workout
Take 45 minutes to find:
3-rep Max Push Press
1-rep Max Weighted Pullup
In five minutes, accumulate as many seconds/minutes in an L-sit as possible.Well if you haven’t been to our website in the past two days, take a look at it today… a brand new look. Don’t worry – all of the essential stuff is still there, things just look a bit different – check it out… see if you notice.

I hope you’ve had as great a holiday as I have. I’ve been diligently doing my handstands (although find myself about 5 minutes behind – which I will be making up over the next couple days), and after reading a book by my friend Roy Wallack and Barefoot Ken Bob, Barefoot Running Step by Step, have gone on three fully barefoot runs over the past week. Other than that, have done nothing but sleep, eat and read. Oh – and I’m getting ready to jump into a new hobby for 2012… gardening. I got my raised bed garden built in our back yard and have started reading Square Foot Gardening to give me a place to start.

I’m really pumped for the start of 2012 and the exciting things we have coming up at the beginning of this year – Next week’s Quarterly check-in week, Bring a Friend Days later in January, the Whole Life Challenge part deux coming at the beginning of February, and the 2012 CrossFit Games Open. I hope your rested up… it’s going to be a fast and furious start to the new year!

How have you spent your holiday? What have you learned? Are you ready for the start of the New Year?


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