A Parent’s Contribution

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Today’s Skill
Medicine Ball Clean

Today’s Workout
Lil’ Cindy
As many rounds as possible in 10 min:
3 Jumping Pullups
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

Today’s Game
Monkey in the Middle
-Ball must be picked up off floor as a clean. If the monkey catches the ball, both of the other students must do 3 burpees.

It might seem a little conflicting — we require parents not to be on the floor while we are teaching the students, but we also require that they don’t leave the premises. Why is that? Well, it’s important for the children to have a clear idea of who they should be listening to and who’s directions to follow, so while the kids are on the floor, the coaches are in charge. It’s also important, though, that the family as a whole know what their child is accomplishing and be able to support and encourage them. Ideally parents get to look in and cheer, take photos and videos, and be a source of enthusiasm for their child as their child is then encouraged to work harder and learn more. In the long run, their child will accomplish more, knowing they’ve got that support!

Coach Shirley and Connor work on drawings of their workout, under mom’s watchful eye.



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