A Simple Christmastime

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Wednesday’s Workout (NO CAP)
5 rounds, for time
9 DB Thrusters (45/30)
36 Double Unders
Then, after round 5 finish with 90 sit-ups

… and coming Thursday (NO CAP)
400m RunWinslow and I are all about simple things this Christmas season. Life has been simplified greatly by his company closing down last month. Although it seemed counter-intuitive at first, it’s been quite nice since then. His new projects are all home-based, as he ramps them up, so we get to spend more time together. And in an effort to save money on food I’ve been making up weekly menus, planning our grocery list from that, and doing very specific shopping. We cut back to only eating out once per week. The end result is we’ve been eating fabulous homemade paleo meals, I’ve been having a great time cooking and trying new recipes, and we’re saving money. We don’t feel in the least bit deprived, and do feel a bit healthier, in fact. Our fridge is always packed with delicious foods and leftovers, and we have tons of quality time together.

For Christmas day we made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. They are having a special Christmas goose dinner. They are also gluten-free friendly. By the time you read this, we will have enjoyed a lovely dinner out together. Oh, and we bought each other some big, fluffy slippers, ’cause it’s cold here. And a Thera Cane, ’cause we’re both sore and tired after a workout, which makes it hard to give each other a massage. And we gave each other $100 to spend on filling each others stockings – and little did I know just how very much you can get for $100. More than I can even fit in his stocking!

So what’s happening by the time you read this? My guess is that we spent our evening by our fireplace in our slippers, drinking some wine, and enjoying our life. Because really, it’s a fabulous life and that’s what we’re celebrating this year at Christmastime. Not presents, not money, not stress, not complications – just time together, health and happiness.

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Our living room – the tree is the one my parents bought the first year they were married, 43 years ago (and they’re still married).



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