Acceptance vs. Giving Up:  Does the presence of one mean the absence of the other?

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Monday’s Workout: COMPETITION: No Cap
Franklin Hill
6 on the 6

And coming Tuesday: TRAINING: No Cap
A) Power Snatch
15 min to find heavy single
B) Pull-up
3x max strict pullup
**adv athletes can elect to do max strict MU’s
C) For time and weight 10 min cap:
Row 1k
1 rd. Bear Complex (AHAP)In last week’s Open WOD, 13.3, when I finished, I couldn’t help feeling like I let myself down. I scored 240 points… remember? That was 150 wall ball and 90 double unders. A respectable score… but not when you consider that last year I scored 11 points HIGHER.

I went into this WOD a little differently than last year, however. I have a chronic right shoulder injury. It doesn’t really keep me from doing anything, but when I do strict muscle ups, it always ends up in pain. So this year, I decided that to honor my body, not cause additional pain in my shoulder, I would limit myself to ONLY kipping muscle ups… something for me that during a WOD is totally foreign (since I revert to strict 98% of the time). I got to the muscle ups with plenty of time (3 min)… but I was unable to pull even one off with a kip.

So, in spite of my self-honoring decision, I was left with the question when finished, “Did I just give up?” As I get older, and maybe wiser, I recognize the trap… the calling of my ego – ‘never give up’. Sometimes, the act of acceptance means giving up… but with a different context than the one my ego wants to hang on to.

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