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Guest blog by Coach Nick Yiakos

With the start of each new year, you often hear people talk about their resolutions,  goals and what they hope to each achieve over the next 12 months. Usually our goals are made all in good fun, and with great intentions. However, we can often find ourselves either overwhelmed with the amount of goals we set, or not succeeding because we fail to have the accountability to do so.

One of my goals for the year, is to succeed in my first “Whole Life Challenge” and I’am asking each of you to help hold me accountable in doing so. Below are a few of my goals that I have set for myself during this process:

•Read a minimum of 10 pages a day. Preferably from the same book, as I want to get out of the habit of skipping around from book to book. #focusedaf

•Practice some variation of breathing. Whether it’s nasal only in a training session or apnea breathing before bed.

• Consistently take cold showers.

•Get on average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night (the ultimate goal).

All of these may prove to be a challenge in someway, whether it be time, my schedule or just remembering do so. But I definitely know it’s doable.

Feel free to share with me, or whoever you feel will help make your goals achievable. It’s hard to fail when you have people helping you along the way.

Good luck 🙂


Thursday’s Workout

A) Double Under Skill Session

B) For Quality Load:
DB Z-Press
5 x 8

C) 5 RFQ (:30:30):
HSPUs (Strict)
Pull-ups (Strict)
DB Front Squats
Base: Focus on controlled movement and control at end ranges of motion
Peak: 3-second controlled hold on each rep of each movement
(HSPU = at full extension, PUs = chin over bar, FS = in the bottom)

Friday’s Workout

A) 4 Rounds
:40 :20
-Seated partner med ball pass
-Single leg step up to balance

B) 5 RFT
8 Deadlifts (50% or less)
12 Kipping Pull ups



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