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I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Accuracy & Precision (that was linked from the main site) and I thought it would make a good topic for our blog. How do the terms accuracy and precision relate to health and fitness? Well, there are a lot of ways, but first you need to understand the difference between the two terms. I look at it like this – If you are shooting at a target with a bow and arrow, accuracy is how close/far you come from the bulls-eye on each shot. Precision is how tight a group all of your shots are together. You can be totally inaccurate (hit the target 6″ to the left of the bulls-eye) while very precise (all 10 of your shots are within 1″ of each other). You can also be very accurate, but imprecise (your arrows are spread around the center area of the target, but not in a tight group). Mastery is achieved with both accuracy and precision.

So, how can this apply to your fitness… Relate accuracy to WHAT you are doing, and precision to HOW CONSISTENTLY you are doing it. If you’re not doing the right things, it doesn’t matter how consistent you are, you won’t get the results you want (eating a diet high in starches every day; or showing up for 3 workouts every week, but selectively choosing workouts that include only the things you’re already good at – both examples of precise, not accurate). And what about the opposite – accurate, not precise (getting all motivated on January 1st to do everything perfectly and falling completely off the wagon by Feb 1; or giving 110% to your workouts, but only showing up once-a-week because you’re too sore from going that hard each time to come more often).

This has turned into a rather lengthy post – probably way too long, so I’ll end it with this… the key – do the RIGHT things CONSISTENTLY (accuracy and precision). This means, especially at the beginning of January, identifying your weaknesses, and consistently working on those weaknesses in bite-sized chunks. Be accurate and precise and I guarantee most excellent results!! How do you see this relating to your fitness for 2010?

Thomas demonstrating either the snatch or overhead squat – both require precision and accuracy.

Today’s Workout
Front Squat 3-3-3-3

– rest –

30-20-10 rep rounds for time of:
Alt. supermen (2ct)
Med ball v-twists (2ct)
Lat. bridges (each side)



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