Action conquers fear

I’ve seen it happen.  And I do know that sitting in fear is not fun. In fact, it can be a horrible anxiety provoking time.  Worrying about something doesn’t help anything. As I’ve learned over time it makes things worse. But action is different. It could be taking action to make a plan, have a phone call or write something down, it could be taking time to meditate on this thing that brings you fear. It could also be doing the thing that causes you fear, just jumping right in.

What action can you take today to conquer a fear?

Thursday’s Workout
Mental Toughness

For Time:
30 Burpees
400m Run
20 TTB
800m Run
60 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35)
800m Run
20 TTB
400m Run
30 Burpees

Friday’s Workout

A) T-drills

B) Running Skill Session #2
– Pose – Pulling
– Cadence – aiming for 27-30/10secs

C) 5 RFQ:
:30:30 Lateral Low Bear Crawls
:30:30 DB Renegade Rows
:30:30 DB Floor Press
Run 150-200m (Rest = coach’s interval)

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